CEL's Successful HK Lighting Fair 2015


    <i    With more and more mature of led display technology and extensive utilization in event production, it expands the market in a large extent. Rental led display is very popular in various events, such as live show, concerts and opening ceremony,etc. With the vivid performance and flexible installations, it plays an indispensable role in stage setting and color decoration of large occasions.

    LDI Show is the worldwide leading stage lighting and audio technology exhibition. After 30 years of development, LDI has grown into the largest trade exhibition in North America with focusing on live entertainment technology. In the exhibition, not only the latest products and technologies in this industry are provided, but also many forms of seminars, education topics and other wonderful programs are showed, so that the audience and exhibitors can get more information.

    As the global well-known brand in the LED display field , MRLED will show RS series and new AF series in the booth 667 of Las Vegas Convention Center. Sincerely welcome to visit us!

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